My name is Staci Lindberg, I am a proud third generation lifetime resident of Lyon county. I am 56 years old and was  born and raised on a Dairy/Alfalfa Farm owned and operated by my parents Edward B and Betty M Silva, located at the end of Silva Lane, in Yerington NV. I was  blessed to have been raised in agriculture, as anyone raised on a farm understands, the skills and values taught to us by the greatest generation of farmers are priceless. You never really understand at the time but once you are busy adulting,  you realize you can drive about anything, work anywhere, do anything well, know exactly where all your food comes from and can fix anything with bailing wire, duct tape and WD40.  

I have grown into a very patriotic, hard working, conservative, christian, sister, aunt, wife, mother of 5, Grandmother of 8 with one more due in June, lady. My husband, best friend and partner of over 20 years, Donny’s advice to me when we were discussing my becoming a candidate for this position was “go gettem babe”. His support fueled my decision and desire to become a candidate and hopefully soon your clerk/treasurer.

As my campaign evolves I look forward to introducing you to my Family, Friends and Associates who are the backbone of who I am and what I have to offer.

I have 30 plus years experience working in the private sector for our county's base employers which includes positions in agriculture, propane delivery and service, mining and real estate.  Working within these industries has provided me with a very versatile , unique and comprehensive skill set which I am excited to bring to the position of Clerk/Treasurer of Lyon County.  My experience in title, escrow, Budgetary Profit and Loss reporting, accounting, public service (Mason Town Board and Mason Valley Chamber of Commerce),  customer service, collections, default services, notarial officer, accounts payable and receivable, equipment operation, finance management, and sales and marketing can and will be a great asset to our County.

If provided the opportunity to serve as your County Clerk/Treasure I plan to use all my years of public sector experience to bring a unique perspective on how to operate government more efficiently with greater focus on service to our taxpayers and provide fair and efficient oversite to our election processes.


My Goals:

  • Establish and Improve Public confidence in the electoral process.

  • Audit the duties and procedures now in place under the current sitting official to assure tax payers are getting the best for their tax dollars.

  • Gain access and work closely with boards and other elected officials to better serve the needs of our county.